A Granite Topped Hall Table


The top driven by the size of the slab of marble that the customer wanted to use, and the height of the table determined by the location, this was the first  sketch.

As the design evolved, the inlay became a major decorative element.

Maple and Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) were also required by the customer as he had other pieces of furniture made of these woods in the same room.

I thought that I was nearly ready to send it to the finisher, but just couldn’t make myself like the feet.

I finally had to leave it alone for several weeks and then design and mock -up several different versions of feet before settling on something that looked very good.

Talk about your happy feet.

And, finally, it looked like it should have.

In the end, the exposed box joint in the drawer has become a favorite detail in this one.

I confess to copying it from a local architect who used it in his own kitchen.  And I will admit, further, that this detail is likely to show up again soon.

I’m even thinking that a variable-width box joint might become a major design element in a piece in the near future.